"the Gamelan Orchestra was awesome and unique"

This page contains audio excerpts from Gamelan Anak Swarasanti's two CDs, and also a recent recording of a new work entitled Windu Nala - Ring of Fire. Click on the images to hear the audio.

Windu Nala

As yet unreleased, Ring of Fire (in ancient Kawi: Windu Nala) is a long song-cycle featuring extended arrangements of many traditional pieces, and including electronic treatments. In a full live setting, a complete performance of Ring of Fire could last for several hours and would be accompanied by multimedia visuals. This audio clip includes short versions of two traditional pieces - 1941 and Gilak, and was recorded live at the benefit performance for the 418 Project dance studio in Santa Cruz on July 13, 2002. Electronic treatments are by Steve McDonald, and are the result of live processing of the sounds of the gamelan instruments themselves, with no additional sound sources. This shortened version is just a taste of the full performance of this piece.

Rave Sessions

This CD showcases some of our live performances with electronic musicians, recorded at two different raves, one in the High Sierras, and one in San Francisco. This audio clip is a short excerpt from a piece called Pebaktian (prayer).

Anak Swarasanti

Our first CD, featuring extended versions of several of our traditional pieces, arranged as a continuous piece of music for uninterrupted listening. The piece featured here is called 1941 - it was first discovered in Bali by the Fahnestock expedition in 1941 (hence the title).

Please contact the gamelan if you would like to purchase copies of these CDs ($15 each, plus postage and handling). Email info@anakswarasanti.com for information.