"I especially enjoyed dancing to the space of the gamelan"

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"We thank the Technology Goddess for giving us the ability to rave" - gamelan, techno-primitivism and the San Francisco rave scene

Gamelan Anak Swarasanti's work in the San Francisco rave community has been documented by the UCLA ethnomusicologist Gina Fatone, in her article for the online UCLA Journal of Music "ECHO". The article explores the relationship between the rave and gamelan experiences, noting similarities in contexts and music (fast, highly rhythmically complex, repetitive loops, and long, extended performance cycles, as well as other more subtle similarities) that help explain why the gamelan has been so quickly embraced by the San Francisco rave community. The article includes numerous Quicktime audio and video clips of various forms of electronic and gamelan music, including video footage of Gamelan Anak Swarasanti performing at raves.

BALI TRIP - 1997

An ongoing project to document a trip to Bali taken by members of Gamelan Anak Swarasanti in 1997. We saw a lot of amazing music, dance, and art, and explored many aspects of Bali in the three short weeks we were there.


We were honored when we were asked by the University if we would provide one of our large gongs to take part in a simple memorial ceremony on the first anniversary of the September 11 attacks, to remember those lost. Although not an Anak Swarasanti performance, it is a fitting symbol of our involvement in our community.