Warmth - Transitions, San Francisco

Warmth was one of those perfect gigs. The space was awesome, the crowd was very open and receptive, the vibe was pure and very spiritual. This was one of our very favorite gigs ever. We played for the meditation ceremony at midnight and the audience was definitely into it. Above us were huge (50 foot) projections of Alex Grey art like this, the head of Buddha, and other beautiful images from Viberation visuals.

The Warmth party, entitled Transitions was designed as a step forward in the evolution of events of this kind. The Chinese character that denoted the official name of the event is translated as "a natural progression of life, from youth and frailty, to strength and maturity". The doors were closed at midnight, and the event began with a short reading and meditation on the nature of change and progression, followed by the gamelan performance.

We played for about an hour, with a great group, some of whom were playing with us for the first time since our inaugural 4x4 performance three years ago, and who had magically reappeared just days before the performance, as if destiny had drawn them back. We were definitely enjoying the vibe from the audience and the warmth of their response was very inspiring.

Here are some pictures from our performance (thanks to Science who took most of them). Check out the smiles on the faces in the audience!

The players at Warmth were Cecile Cruz, Justine Kragen, Steve McDonald, Denise Schurke, Jameson Cahill, Logan Tautenhahn, Margret McGilvray and Martin Randall.

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