Health and Harmony Festival, Santa Rosa

Kristin, one of our members, introduced us to world-renowned DJ Lorin. Lorin immediately saw the possibilities of working with a Balinese gamelan orchestra and asked us if we'd play with him at the upcoming Health and Harmony Festival in Santa Rosa. Lorin worked out some fantastic original material to go with one of our pieces, specially for this event.

We processed to the stage with the marching gamelan, and then took the stage, seated at the foot of a giant Buddha. As we started to play, the sound of the gamelan roared out over the huge sound system.

The power and clarity of the sound system, together with Lorin's enthusiasm and the ecstatic reaction of the crowd brought out one of our most inspired performances ever. We were loving it, and the audience was going nuts!

Lorin started bringing his beats in behind the gamelan, creating a fantastic collage of sound, with energetic, synchopated beats interlocking with the organic roar of the gamelan playing at full tilt.

The stage was designed to look like an ancient temple, and Balinese-style dancers from Apsara Living Arts added to the exotic flavor of the set. It was an amazing experience.

This is the crowd in front of the stage, dancing to the gamelan and Lorin's music, and obviously having a great time! Their energy reflected back to us, inspiring us to new heights! It was one of the most exciting shows we've ever played.

The players at the Santa Rosa Health and Harmony Festival were Kristin Allen, Cecile Cruz, Justine Kragen, Steve McDonald, Chris Cohen, Gretchen McPherson, Martin Randall and Luis Yanez.

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