Central Park Music Series, San Mateo

We were invited to play as part of the San Mateo Central Park Music Series, in the beautiful park in the City of San Mateo. Each summer they put on a series of concerts in the park on Sunday afternoons. It was quite a surprise to drive up to the park and see big red banners lining El Camino Real with our name on them!

The photo above is a rare photo showing just about everyone in the group in one shot - left to right: Kristin, Steve, Adam, Justine, Vera, Asleif, Astrid is hidden behind the gongs, Cecile, Ralf, Danica, Greg (just barely visible), Martin and Chris. You can click on it for a closer view. Thanks to Tai for the photos - there are a few more still in the camera - check back in a while and they'll be up.

Phew - it was hot! Simulated Balinese conditions had been laid on for us, and no shade! But we had a great audience - quite a crowd had come out to see us (and they had the shade). This is Danica, Greg, Martin and Chris.

We had a really good interaction with the audience, who had lots of great questions, and who were fascinated by the music and the instruments. This is Kristin, Steve, Adam (brand-new player) and Justine.

Some of us had played a rave benefit for the 418 Project Dance Studio in Santa Cruz the night before, so this was our second performance in 14 hours! This is Justine, Vera, Asleif, Cecile, Ralf and Danica.

Martin gives a little explanation of gamelan music and its Balinese cultural context between pieces. In his right hand is an old gamelan panggul (hammer) made from buffalo horn, which is where the modern-day hammers get their shape, with pointed tips.

A quick scene change and we bring out the reyong for Gilak and Penyuwud.

The reyong, which takes four people to play, produces some of the most exciting interlocked rhythms of the whole orchestra. This is Adam, Greg, Kristin and Cecile...

...and Ralf, Steve, Asleif, Danica, Chris and Martin on drums. The drums cue angsels, or punctuations in the flow of the piece as well as changes in dynamics.

The players in San Mateo were Adam Cotton, Greg Weber, Kristin Allen, Cecile Cruz, Justine Kragen, Steve McDonald, Danica Stein, Christopher Willmer, Martin Randall, Vera Lucia Diani, Asleif Willmer, Ralf Dietrich and Astrid Randall.

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