Camp Harmony 2000, Butte County

Playing at the annual Harmony campouts has become something of a tradition for us. This year the event was held at a ranch in Butte County, near Chico, California. We started out with a marching gamelan procession from the main stage, where we beat-matched into AndyW's techno set, through the campsite, to the ambient stage where we were to play. The crowd really loved it as we started up at the main stage, with our Balinese temple flags flying high above us, and our ceremonial garb of Balinese sarongs and head wraps, bringing gongs and interlocking cymbal patterns into the techno from the main sound system.

We played a varied repertoire of sitting pieces - traditional Balinese pieces not generally accompanied by dancers, as well as some extended arrangements primarily for reyong. AndyW joined us again on electronics - you can see him below at far right.

The players at Camp Harmony 2000 were Justine Kragen, Steve McDonald, Micah Lubensky, Luis Yanez, Andy Bouchard, and Martin Randall.

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