Expansion2.0, San Francisco

The Expansion group was the largest and fullest-sounding group we have ever performed with as Anak Swarasanti. We played extended versions of (mostly) traditional pieces arranged as a continuous "mix" of gamelan music. Adding ambient electronic sounds was Charles Uzzell-Edwards (fax records). After this performance we decided to do some recording together, which may or may not ever be released. Photos from these recording sessions can be found on the main Anak Swarasanti page. Special thanks to Brian Behlendorf of Organic Online and Hyperreal for inviting us to play at this event.

The players at Expansion2.0 were Cecile Cruz, Danica Stein, Justine Kragen, Steve McDonald, Margret McGilvray, Jonathan Glass, Dan Philips, Elisabeth Crabtree, Ian Rowen, Dan Hurley, Gina Fatone, and Martin Randall.

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