CD Recording Session, Santa Cruz

After playing with us live at Expansion in San Francisco in February, Charles Uzzell-Edwards was excited about the idea of recording a CD together. We recorded our set at UCSC in May 1998, and Charles went off to think about some electronics to add. Eventually he decided that the gamelan stood in its own right, and suggested that we release the CD on our own as a gamelan-only CD. This was the genesis of our first CD, simply entitled Gamelan Anak Swarasanti.

The players on the CD, shown above, were: gongs: Astrid Randall; front row (pemades): Dan Philips, Elisabeth Crabtree, Jonathan Glass; second row (kantilan): Cecile Cruz, Danica Stein; back row (jegogan): Ian Rowen, David Crosby; reyong: Justine Kragen, Steve McDonald, Margret McGilvray, Martin Randall; and special guest Linda Burman-Hall on drums.

We self-released the CD, which is shown at left, and which is available by contacting the gamelan at ( ). Click on the image of the cover to hear an audio sample of one of the tracks (1941). (All rights reserved).

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