A Walk Through Ubud Palace

On the way back to Oka Wati's, we took a little detour through Ubud Palace. You can now stay at this beautiful old palace, although it hardly looks like a hotel.

The grounds are beautifully kept, with the old stone gateways and statues wearing the familiar checkered cloth.

This is a beautiful thatched bale where you can hang out and enjoy some shade.

Heading back into town, we noticed that the cars and bikes were decorated with palm-leaf ornaments in honor of Tumpuk Landep. Cars and bikes, being made of metal, fall into the category of "sharp instruments" that receive their blessings on this day.

Even the minivans like the one Dewa drives have little decorations on their license plates. Stopping into a store in town, we noticed that the refrigerator they kept the cool drinks in, and even the TV set, had been decorated with palm leaf offerings


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Photos: Astrid, Martin and Julia Randall
All content copyright (c) 2002, Astrid, Martin and Julia Randall