The Trip North

We'd decided to take a 2-day road-trip to see a little of North and West Bali. There's a road that heads through the center of Bali and takes you up to the North Coast. We planned to stay at Lovina on the North Coast, and the next day head West along the coast to look at the Buddhist temple at Banjar, and do some snorkelling at Menjangan Island, before returning back along the South West coast road. Dewa had family in Banjar, and could stay with them overnight, while we planned to find a simple homestay in the area.

Just outside Ubud we stopped to watch the rice being harvested. The rice-field had been drained, and one group of women was cutting the rice stalks while another group was threshing the rice against a wooden frame - beating the stalks against the frame to loosen the rice grains, which fall onto sheets spread out on the ground.

A little farther north we stopped for some beautiful views over the rice terraces.

This must have been a fairly wealthy farmer - he could afford a pair of buffalo to help him plough his rice fields.

We drove on through the beautiful Balinese countryside, heading further north...

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Photos: Astrid, Martin and Julia Randall
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