The Monkey Forest

Dewa was off at a family festival the next day. We could have taken another driver, but we decided to have a lazy day around Ubud. We thought we'd finally go and see the famous Monkey Forest on Monkey Forest Road. It's actually a sort of forested park in Ubud where monkeys live in the trees.

We'd bought some peanuts for the monkeys back the the market, but at the entrance to the Monkey Forest, people were also selling miniature bananas. We'd heard that the monkeys were really aggressive, and would grab your bags and disappear up into the trees, or snatch sunglasses and even cameras. As it turned out, they were so fat and well-fed by the tourists that they didn't have the energy for any mischief.

The monkeys were already too stuffed with bananas to show much interest in them. Once in a while one would come down and nonchalantly take one. Fortunately for us they seemed to like the nuts better, probably for a bit of variety!

If you follow the footpath through the Monkey Forest, you come out at the village of Nyuh Kuning - an artists village with many wood-carving shops. There's a temple at the edge of the Monkey Forest, with monkeys climbing over the temple walls.

Here's a cute little baby monkey and its mother. The mother kept her baby on a short leash by holding on to its tail so it couldn't stray too far!

When we got back, we went over to see Justine and Steve to see if they wanted to come with us on another outing tomorrow. We decided we'd take a trip to the beach at Amed. But before that, we'd go out this evening to see a Kecak performance.

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Photos: Astrid, Martin and Julia Randall
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