The Herons of Petulu

This was our last day in Ubud before leaving on a two-day trip to the north coast of Bali. We did a lot of shopping in the mornnig, going down to Ubud market, buying Balinese umbrellas and lots of gifts for friends back home.

In the late afternoon, around 5:30, we drove out to the village of Petulu, where there is a white heron sanctuary, and where the herons come home to roost at the end of each day. You'll have to click on these images to see the birds - they are kind of small on the thumbnails.

It's a small, rather scruffy village, but the birds are beautiful, wheeling in and landing on the treetops, until there seemed to be hundreds filling every branch. It's quite a remarkable sight.

But it was beginning to get late, and we had heard about a special performance in Pengosekan that night...

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Photos: Astrid, Martin and Julia Randall
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