September 11 Memorial
University of California Santa Cruz

On the first anniversary of the September 11 attacks we were asked by the University if we would like to provide one of our large gongs for a memorial ceremony to remember those who lost their lives. We were honored to be able to play some small part in this ceremony.

This is the offering Astrid prepared for the ceremony. It contained a red apple (state fruit of New York) and red roses (state flower of New York).

Attendees were given this slip of paper inviting them to write their thoughts on this occasion on a strip of colored cloth and weave it into a commemorative tapestry on the stage.

Here people are weaving their thoughts into the tapestry.

At 12:30, the Chief of the UCSC Fire Department tolled the gong 11 times.

People came and sat and reflected quietly on the meaning of this remembrance.

The gong.

The offering was placed next to the gong, with incense and holy water.

This is a closer-up photo of the tapestry, woven with people's thoughts.